Diary of a Foxy Girl – Intro.

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Diary of a Foxy Girl – Intro.

Diary of a Foxy Girl…what the heck? What is that?! Well, let me tell you! Many people have asked me when I am going to write my story and I always said, “Um…what story?”. They said, “the one about how you got started, all the things you have been through and how you got to where you are today…it is a heck of a story”. Then naturally I said, “I’m not sure what you mean, it’s just my life… you think people want to hear all of that?”. The answer was “YES!”. SO, I am going to do that in bits & pieces over some time and also share my other tidbits, things that just pop into my head and experiences I have. You will probably find that my head is not like most others…lol! I think of all kinds of crazy, random & wacky things AND I work in pictures, meaning when I am talking about things I picture things in my head…cool & crazy all in one! I LOVE it! Sometimes people think I’m silly though when I describe it! Just a fair warning! Intrigued, then continue to read these blogs. Think what I’m describing is weird or a waste of your time, then either read for a while and then decide, or just plain stop now! Up to you! I will be expressing all kinds of expereinces, opinions and things I know to be true for me. I have a feeling many of you though, will be able to relate and/or find it entertaining to say the least. If you are still with me, we will see right?! 😉

So, “Foxy Girl” huh?! You can see the obvious play on words…Foxfire Events…it’s my company…Foxy Girl…you get it! So, anyone saying, “Wow! She thinks she’s all that calling herself a Foxy Girl!” lol! Truth be told, I think I am pretty darn great! 😉 But I haven’t always, it took a lot of time to get there! HOWEVER, let me say this loud and clear… If you are a woman, you are FOXY, I guarantee it! Foxy isn’t just a look, it is an attitude! Foxy Women are:

F – Fearless  O – Outrageous at times  X – X-ceptional  (yes, I know I spelled it wrong) Y – Yearning to make a difference in this world – so they DO! So NOW do you agree all women are FOXY?! I just heard a resounding “YES!” (and you all did a standing ovation in my head – loved it! – haha – I warned you!) So, hopefully you now get the “Foxy Girl” term and realize I am not concieted, just confident as we all should be! 😉 Oh…forgot to mention… I couldn’t use “Foxy Lady” – cuz that’s a song, and “Foxy Woman” sounded weird and too old to me…so, “Foxy Girl” it is! I like the ring of it AND In my head I get to wear a cape in that one and change the world! (I have a postcard that is framed on my wall that says, “I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world!” lol! It makes me laugh and say YEAH everytime I see it!) It works! So…be on the look out for more posts in my little “diary” and hey, tell a woman in your life she is FOXY & why…she deserves it! 🙂 HUGS!!!