Diary of A Foxy Girl

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Diary of a Foxy Girl – Bringing Out the Good China

I have a beautiful set of elegant china dishes that were passed down from my grandma. She gave them to me at least 10 years ago and they are safely tucked away in a corner cabinet. They are BEAUTIFUL but until the last 2 years, I never used them. I was[…]

Create – Live – Love

Create – Live – Love = “Create” what you desire, “Live” it & “Love” everything about it! I used to think things “happened to me”. Now, I realize I manifest what happens in my life. I believe there’s a reason for everything, even the “bad” stuff. I feel very fortunate I haven’t had more obstacles. Part of my fortune, is being[…]

Diary of a Foxy Girl – Intro.

Diary of a Foxy Girl…what the heck? What is that?! Well, let me tell you! Many people have asked me when I am going to write my story and I always said, “Um…what story?”. They said, “the one about how you got started, all the things you have been through[…]