Diary of a Foxy Girl – Bringing Out the Good China

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Diary of a Foxy Girl – Bringing Out the Good China

I have a beautiful set of elegant china dishes that were passed down from my grandma. She gave them to me at least 10 years ago and they are safely tucked away in a corner cabinet. They are BEAUTIFUL but until the last 2 years, I never used them. I was saving them for a “special” occasion. A special dinner, the holidays, a special gathering. Something “nice”. Do you have anything like this? I use to do this with “nice” bottles of wine too!

About 2 years ago, I came to the realization of how silly that truly was. Why wait?! Everyday IS our occasion! Our occasion to experience, live, and enjoy. If we are constantly waiting for an occasion are we living in the moment?

Here’s another one… being single, on days my son wasn’t home, when it came time to cook dinner, I would often think… ugh, I don’t want to dirty up dishes and make a big meal for “just me”. Cooking for 1 didn’t sound appealing or worth it. So, there were many nights I ate frozen burritos or nachos or something easy. What the heck was I thinking?! If  I wanted a frozen burrito that was one thing. However, there were plenty of times I wanted a steak or a complete meal, but I didn’t make it. I’ve realized since then that I am worth the time & effort it takes to make a nice meal. Plus, I realized it doesn’t have to be a big production. I love to grill up a steak, or chicken or a nice piece of fish and prepare a colorful salad. Hardly any clean up and YUMMMM-Y! It was really just changing my mind set. I wouldn’t even allow myself to think of having all of that for “just me” in the past. I enjoyed doing things for others (cooking), now I enjoy doing things for me too – notice I left off the word “just” this time?! 😉

These days I make it a point of treating myself to a nice dinner, ON the good china, WITH a nice bottle of wine. And let me tell you, it feels GREAT when I do!

So as you read this, think about what things you are “saving” and really look at why? Is it time to bring out the “good china”? I say ABSOLUTELY! And while you’re at it, bring out the “NICE” bottle of wine too! 😉 Cheers!