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Create – Live – Love

Create – Live – Love = “Create” what you desire, “Live” it & “Love” everything about it! I used to think things “happened to me”. Now, I realize I manifest what happens in my life. I believe there’s a reason for everything, even the “bad” stuff. I feel very fortunate I haven’t had more obstacles. Part of my fortune, is being able to see that the challenges presented revealed a lesson that has enriched my life, moved me forward & now I can create my happiness & love the way I live because of it! Can you see that in your life too?

There were lots of little challenges over the years… marriage, becoming a mom, miscarriage, divorce, moving, maintaining a home, relying on my sole income & being self employed, lack of time, lack of money & energy, feelings of loss & grief, a new business. A lot of the same others’ experience.

When I look back, even though I said I wanted more positive outcomes in my life, when something good started to happen I often sabotaged it. Once I got a glimpse outside my comfort zone and saw the changes I was creating I became fearful and that little voice inside my head got the best (or worst) of me. It’s funny, I used to say I loved change! But finally, one day I conceded and put a post it note on my computer that said, “get out of your comfort zone, it’s not all that comfortable!”

I wasn’t one to share my struggles with many. I thought struggles “happened” and were part of life. I figured I needed to “pull up the big girl pants” and deal with it. I knew many people had it worse off than I did so why should I complain? So instead, I chose to ignore what I was feeling and hide it all behind a virtual wall. I convinced myself everything was “ok” and would get better in time.

I’m convinced that by ignoring the smaller challenges in my life I manifested even bigger ones. Ones I couldn’t ignore.

It was about 4 1/2yrs ago that I had emergency brain surgery (i.e. the bigger challenge). One morning I was fine, that afternoon, I was taken by ambulance to Barrow Neurological at St. Joe’s, placed in ICU and had brain surgery the next morning. It was scary at the time and seemed out of the blue! (I’m healed now and will share more about that in another blog.) During the recovery, I recognized a lot; my strength, my blessings, the amount of love people had for me. I never knew so many people cared. So many stepped up – BIG TIME! I was SO grateful. From that point forward, I vowed to “live” more. I did became more grateful and I thought I was making reasonable changes that supported the “living” more idea, but what I later realized, is that I limited my desires and dreams in the process. I remember thinking, “WOW, I should be so grateful for what I have, I get to live, I get the opportunity to raise my son and recover. Why did I ever think I needed more? I have so much. This should be enough!” Limiting my desires in the name of gratitude… I messed up. Hind site! But…as I am sure you would imagine, I got another lesson out of those choices too and I’m SO thankful for that!

Fast forward to a few years ago, things were feeling “off”. Life wasn’t going the way I thought it should. I still felt grateful but pretty unfulfilled. I had gone back to corporate, was working hard, trying to find balance and more “purpose” but everything felt mundane. I had those feelings of wanting “something more” again. Wanting to contribute more to the world, have passion for my career, feel extreme happiness, LOVE again.

Thankfully, I decided to dive into a deeper journey of self discovery. I went back to The Center for Intuitive Development (you will hear more about them in another blog but look them up – they & their programs are amazing!). I had taken a workshop there a while back that was awesome and had been back a few times since and I recognized that every time I left The Center I felt so much better. So, I took more workshops and learned so much about myself. Awareness is an amazing thing! It allows GROWTH which is how and why I am sharing all of this now. Currently, I am living out my passions through my company; Foxfire Events – it is SUCH FUN, I have an amazing son who I adore, a wonderful boyfriend & solid relationship that is abundant with love and great family & friends. I am ecstatic that I am am constantly able to create all that I can dream. You can too!

Make every day count. Create, Live & Love!

Hugs! Heather 🙂