F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine Mixer and Reunion!

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F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine Mixer and Reunion!

Women in the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area reunite for F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine’s special engagement May 2, 2023 in North Scottsdale! This highly anticipated event is an opportunity for women to connect and catch-up on the latest happenings in life and business.

F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine affords an opportunity for women to connect in person, at a great valley location for 60 – 90 minutes of feel good energy, easy conversation and interesting people. It’s the perfect place to be social or network, simply through conversing! Founder Heather Rausch ensures the atmosphere is fun, welcoming and infuses an energy that leaves you feeling extremely happy that you attended this event! People often rave about it being exactly what they needed that day!

F.O.X.Y. is a playful acronymn for the type of women who are attracted this event! It stands for; Fearless, Outrageous, eXceptional, Yearning to make a difference – so they do! They are leading professionals from a variety of industries who understand the power in connection, conversation and appreciate the casual and fun nature of these gatherings. F.O.X.Y. Wome & Wine is always time well spent!

ALL ladies are invited to attend F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine. No memberships required, simply purchase a ticket and show up! Feel free to invite friends, or make new ones at the event! Details and tickets may be found at FoxfireEventsRock.com (then click on the event page). F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine Special Engagements happen 2-3 times per year, take advantage of the times they roll around!!!