Cultivating Happiness: Community Conversation

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Cultivating Happiness: Community Conversation

  • Date: 22 - Apr - 2024
  • Time: 12:00
  • Location: via Zoom
  • Venue: Cultivating Happiness: Community Conversation

Cultivating Happiness Community Conversation

Monday April 22nd 12:00pm AZ/2:00pm CT/3:00pm ET

A fast paced 45-minute virtual workshop where participants invest in a topic to enhance life and business & take advantage of the opportunity to engage with a dynamic group while they’re at it! Tune in from anywhere for these fascinating deep dives that energize and inspire connection.

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Individuals, teams, and organizations welcome. Free community conversations with opportunity to “show the love” through an optional monetary contribution rather than ticket fee, if you wish. Our #1 priority is sharing this information with those who desire it. If you are unable or do not wish to contribute monetarily, our wish is that you attend anyway, if you find the information as valuable as we believe you will, write us a note sharing your experience, if you like – we value your insights!
Details on this session: Explore the idea of happiness, learn what most often gets in the way of us truly feeling happy, and how we may cultivate and stimulate our own happiness. We’ll discuss the emotions and the science around happiness and learn what the experts say as well as have time to share what happiness means to you (if you choose). Discover the 4 aspects of life, that when balanced, contribute to feeling happier and more fulfilled. Also learn what experts say on the amount of happiness that is within our control, and also how much they say is beyond our control – and choose what to do with that. Plus, we’ll learn (and share) the universal sign of happiness that not only affects our face, it affects our brain!
These are fun and productive conversations that raise awareness of self, inspire personal and professional development, and leave us energized along with creating an opportunity to connect and network with great people! This is a stand alone session in our Community Energizer Conversation Series that runs through the month of April. Feel free to join us for this one session alone, or secure tickets for this and each remaining session held every Monday in April. Next session details can be found on the Foxfire Events Calendar.
Please note: customized programs are available upon request for groups, companies, events, and organizations of all sizes.
We LOVE the effects on our overall awareness, happiness, and productivity when we unite to share ideas, information, and energy!
TO REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM, CLICK HERE to be taken to Zoom Registration page – Thank you!

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