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Nourishing Spirit, Mind, Body: Annual Wellness Retreat

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Diary of a Foxy Girl – Bringing Out the Good China

I have a beautiful set of elegant china dishes that were passed down from my grandma. She gave them to me at least 10 years ago and they are safely tucked away in a corner cabinet. They are BEAUTIFUL but until the last 2 years, I never used them. I was[…]

Create – Live – Love

Create – Live – Love = “Create” what you desire, “Live” it & “Love” everything about it! I used to think things “happened to me”. Now, I realize I manifest what happens in my life. I believe there’s a reason for everything, even the “bad” stuff. I feel very fortunate I haven’t had more obstacles. Part of my fortune, is being[…]

Diary of a Foxy Girl – Intro.

Diary of a Foxy Girl…what the heck? What is that?! Well, let me tell you! Many people have asked me when I am going to write my story and I always said, “Um…what story?”. They said, “the one about how you got started, all the things you have been through[…]

Welcome to my NEW FOXY website!

Hey Foxy Friends! I am SUPER EXCITED to invite you to check out my new website! You will be able to see all our upcoming events, purchase advance tickets, and check out COOL pics from past events! PLUS, check out our Foxfire Partners page! If you want more info on any of those organizations,[…]