AI & Cybersecurity: Leaders Unite Series

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AI & Cybersecurity: Leaders Unite Series

  • Date: 07 - Jun - 2024
  • Time: 08:30
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Venue: AI & Cybersecurity: Leaders Unite Series

Leaders Unite Quarterly Perspective Sessions (8:30am – 10:00am, 30-minute coffee & croissants networking + 45-minute program with panelists on topic, followed by audience Q&A for a total of 90 powerful minutes of insightful, engaging, and valuable perspective for leaders.

All Leaders Unite Members are invited to JOIN US in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday June 7th for this fascinating deep dive into a topic that affects us all!

Topic: AI & Cybersecurity: Tips Leaders Need to Know

Protecting your Business and Personal Accounts requires more vigilance than ever. Learning the latest trends allows us to be more aware and as leaders, we share our awareness with friends, colleages and loved ones. Cyber scams are running rampant and scammers are constantly improving their technology and approach to make it increasingly difficult to identify a scam. Hear the latest trends, how to keep your information secure, and not fall victim to these scammers who seem to be getting more advanced and bold.

AI has become a BIG topic over the last few years. Many employees and organizations have concern over the impact on the workforce and if AI will have a positive or negative influence. Many ask, “Will my business or role be replaced by AI?” Hear from thought leaders and experts on their take, and learn how, when used properly, AI may be leveraged.

For Members who wish to regsiter for this program, please email and we will reply within 48 hours to send you an invoice and reserve your spot! We look forward to connecting on this an other important leadership topics throughout the year!

To learn how to become a Leaders Unite Member and gain access to this program as well as others, please visit the Leaders Unite tab on this website or email [email protected]

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