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Foxfire Founder, Heather Rausch can’t remember a time when she wasn’t involved in event creation, planning, management, sales or marketing. She is extremely creative, professional, enthusiastic and LOVES what she does. She has a magnetic personality that draws people to her – people enjoy being in her space, which makes her a GREAT hostess & magical connector! She has a big heart and is genuinely interested in helping people become more successful. Being well connected, she knows “who” you need to know and loves making those connections. Her F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine events and F.O.X.Y. Experiences are a huge success because of her passion to collaborate and ability to bring the most dynamic people together. The Fox Den AZ, Heather’s newest concept has been a HUGE hit as well! 

Whether it’s business networking, conferences, corporate team building/workshops or social events, you can count on Heather to bring the “fun factor” and a unique perspective that has proven to be very successful.

Heather’s professionalism, attention to detail, strong work ethic and playfulness make her really easy to work with. Her positive attitude and outlook is infectious. She makes the entire process of event planning & management fun & stress free. She has a true passion for what she does and you can tell that from the moment you meet her. Heather’s secret to success is really listening to what her clients are looking for. Always keeping the clients end goal & personal style in mind while infusing her creativity and sometimes pushing the envelope just a little bit, making the event exciting, fun and the “talk of the town” but always in a good way!

Our Events & Services:

**F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine** (our signature event!) – F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine is a unique & fabulous networking event attracting successful women who genuinely desire to connect and build their business (and social relationships). Bringing together dynamic women over a glass of wine (or favorite beverage) allows networking to naturally occur – it has quickly become a favorite place for women from all over the valley to gather. In 2021, our in person events have been put on hold HOWEVER, JOIN US for a Monthly F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine Global Virtual event held via zoom! This is a FUN and effective way to network & converse. Tickets to attend are $20 per event or FREE for Fox Den United members. Email Heather@FoxfireEventsRock.com to learn more about membership or to purchase and indivual virtual event ticket.

As for the name, it’s obviously a play on Foxfire Events but F.O.X.Y. is also an acronym that describes the women who are attracted to these events…F – Fearless  O – Outrageous  X – X-ceptional  (yes, we know it’s spelled wrong, but we’re creative!) Y – Yearning to make a difference in this world – so they DO!  F.O.X.Y. is an attitude & way of BE-ing! We invite ladies from all over the valley to experience it for themselves!

Fox Den United – Fox Den United is IDEAL for women seeking deeper social & business connection from anywhere around the world. All meetings are virtual in 2021 making it easy and safe to connect! There’s an annual membership fee to be a part of the group giving you access to an array of virtual activities that are great socially as well as for business resources, networking & support (especially helpful for entrepreneurs!). There is also a private FB group for all Fox Den United members so they may interact and stay up to date on what is happening in the F.O.X.Y. world & where they can share their own events & news! In 2021, membership gives access to 4 virtual events each month without any additional fees. You literally have an entire community of women at your fingertips when you are a member! We encourage all women to get connect & stay connected through Fox Den United!  2021 Membership is just $240 for the year with a 50% off special in January making it only $120. Email Heather@FoxfireEventsRock.com to enroll!

F.O.X.Y. Experiences – These women’s workshops & conferences are more interactive than typical, hence the name F.O.X.Y. EXPERIENCES! These are  places for women to nourish spirit, mind and body. The women attracted to these event are multi taskers, game changers, juggling family, successful careers, faith and philanthropy. They are women making a BIG difference in their communities & world each and every day. They are experienced enough to know that when they “fill their cup”, they have more to contribute and share with others. These timely and relevant events offer expert speakers, education, inspiration, support, and a ton of FUN among a tribe of women who “get it!” They are very interactive because we believe all women have many experiences and insights to share and together we learn so much from each other!

Event Consulting – Our consulting services are ideal for any business owner considering a client appreciation event, grand opening/re-opening, ribbon cutting, team building, staff appreciation, business meeting, workshop or conference.

We typically start with an event strategy call to determine if having an event will really get you to your goal. Events are an investment of time, money and resources. To be effective, they have to be done at the right time, and in the right fashion – there is a lot of strategy involved. This call determines all that right up front so you know exactly what to expect as your end result. Once you & we know an event is the right move, we will set up an event plan appointment.

Event Plans Smart Business Owners hire us to create an event plan that is clear, concise and will produce a memorable event because, most lack the time, experience and attention to detail required to develop an engaging and truly successful event. 

Having a clear and concise event plan saves everyone time, money & frustration. We affordably deliver this complete event plan to you and then you choose to take it and run with it, executing it on your own OR you may wish to hire us to produce and manage the event utilizing the outlined plan.

Event Production & Management Services – Successful business owners who understand the power of collaboration and staying in their genius zone to optimize their life and business hire us to produce and manage their business workshops, conferences and events so they can teach more, sell more and experience maximum results.

Public Events & Fundraising – Putting on events that include the general public are a lot of fun and can be highly productive AND can be a little overwhelming to most. It takes a lot of planning and attention to detail to make these successful, especially when incorporating a fundraising aspect. That’s something we’re very good at! We’ll help you figure out how to reach your target market and how to have a successful event!

Venues – Have a venue you would like to share? Give us a call. We are always looking for GREAT venues to hold our events! We love working with all different types of venues in Phoenix, Scottsdale and West Valley areas!

To find out about EVENT SPONSORSHIP opportunities or if you would like us to HOST AN EVENT AT YOUR VENUE please contact Heather at Heather@foxfireeventsrock.com or call 602-677-9535. We look forward to working with you!