4 Easy Romantic Events for 2: Valentine’s Day or Any Day!

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4 Easy Romantic Events for 2: Valentine’s Day or Any Day!

Planning something romantic doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. To me, it’s about quality time with the one you love, appreciating & cherishing each other. Here are 4 ideas that are easy to plan…

Picnics – Fill a basket with favorite foods/drinks. Homemade or take out, no matter. Where to have a picnic? ANYWHERE! For more privacy, choose locations like; your backyard, by the pool, your living room/bedroom floor, a rooftop… anywhere that is different than where you normally eat. Place a blanket on the floor, maybe some pillows, music, bring out the food & beverage. Laugh, engage, be carefree. When planning any type of event remember to always try to engage all of the senses… sight, sound, smell, taste, touch… add candles (real or battery operated – floating candles in the pool) & flowers or flower petals if you like. Sunset or evening picnics are great – although a surprise breakfast picnic is fun too!

Scenic Sedona & Hike Beautiful scenery & gorgeous weather. Make a day of it! Pack a lunch or grab local fare after your hike. Stop at the Gateway Visitors Center (8375 State Route 179, Sedona) to purchase a day use Red Rock Pass ($5) & get a map to choose your trail…there are many beautiful trails of different intensities, popularity and lengths. On the hike, find places to stop and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings & share a snack. Consider sharing 1 reason you love your sweetie each time you stop or write 5-10 things down – each on separate heart shaped papers and give one each time you stop. Not only is this a great physical reminder he/she can take back home but it also ensures you get breaks in your hiking if you are not an avid hiker! Lol! Take lots of pics and after your hike, wander the touristy shops hand in hand. Be playful, try on silly things, laugh and pick up a goofy souvenir if you like. (Pack a backpack with things you’ll want on the hike!)

Wine & Paint Studios – These are fun places to get creative with your sweetheart. Not an avid painter? No worries! I’m definitely not related to Picasso either! Sometimes, when you put yourself on the line doing something you don’t normally do you have the best times (as long as you don’t take it too seriously!) I recommend Me The Artist at High Street. They have organized couples painting events or open studio times. It’s a bring your own wine/beer venue so bring what you like, they provide all other supplies. Prices vary look them up online www.metheartist.com

A Quiet Night In This can be just about anything! Send your spouse an invitation (via email or hand deliver to their work) inviting them to “Our Romantic Night In”. The surprise of an invitation automatically adds to the excitement & mystery and makes it more fun! Arrange take out or delivery OR if your mate likes to cook plan to cook together but YOU create the menu. Add a bottle of wine or mix creative cocktails together (find recipes online – with or without alcohol), watch a favorite movie or turn on music and just BE together. If you want to have fun conversation google “questions for couples” and you’ll find all kinds of questions to spark sharing. Maybe a bubble bath or shower for 2…if you like, take a chilled bottle of champagne or sparkling wine/cider into the steamy shower with you. Don’t worry about the stemware – drink from the bottle. Sensations between hot & cold can be fun to play with too. Exchange massages or just cuddle in the calmness of a quiet night. Sharing verbally WHY you love the one you do when you have down time is always romantic too.

When it comes down to it, there’s no right or wrong when planning this event. It’s all subjective and doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Meals and activities can be simple, it’s the feeling that you execute it with that matters the most. Have fun with it! Wishing you the best & lots of love!

ROMANCE: a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.”