2018 Philanthropic Partner & Morning Mixer Announced

Foxfire Events

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2018 Philanthropic Partner & Morning Mixer Announced

Foxfire Events is excited to announce their 2018 Non-Profit Partner of the Year is OCJ Kids for the 2nd year running! OCJ Kids stands for Opportunity, Community and Justice for Kids and effectively serves kids in the foster community in a variety of ways.

Foxfire Events Founder, Heather Rausch says, “We’re incredibly excited to support OCJ Kids through our Philanthorpic efforts for a 2nd year! They’re such an amazing organization and the impact they make with foster kids and group homes is inspiring! Last year, we raised over $2,000 through our F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine events and KNOW that with our projected growth this year, we will be able to contribute even more. We are BIG fans of OCJ Kids and love that through our events, we can raise awareness of their organization in addition to sharing our resources and time. We invite everyone to JOIN US for the awards presentation and morning mixer we are holding at OCJ Kids on April 4th! It’s a great way to show support for OCJ Kids, tour their facilities, learn more about their programs and network with heart centered leaders from all over the valley.”

The morning mixer and awards presentation is April 4th 9am – 10:30am at OCJ Kids in Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets are required and may be purchased in advance at www.FoxfireEventsRock.com. ALL men & women are invited and your support is appreciated. For more information on OCJ Kids, visit www.ocjkids.org.