Love Your Life Day 2015!

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Love Your Life Day 2015!

All work & no play makes for a really boring day…. and a mundane way of life! We at Foxfire Events believe that life is meant to be lived and LOVED! This annual event gives you a REASON to mark your calendar & plan to celebrate the life we all create! We shouldn’t really need a reason should we?! But admit it, time keeps a tickin’ and if we don’t mark it on the calendar sometimes it doesn’t happen. So MARK YOUR CALENDAR & PLAN TO JOIN US FOR THIS AMAZINGLY FUN WEEKEND! You deserve it!

Love Your Life Day was founded in 2010. Exactly 1 year after Heather had emergency brain surgery. If you don’t know the story, in a nutshell….Heather was a seemingly healthy 35yr old self employed single mom who was fairly optimistic but stressed to the max with all of your normal day to day life stuff! On a normal day, life took a turn and unexpectedly she ended up being taken by ambulance to Barrow Neurological at St. Joe’s where she underwent emergency brain surgery the next morning. It was out of the blue. She never saw it coming. What if this happened to you? How would suddenly being unable to work, unable to take care of your normal routine for at least several weeks or months impact you? What if you suddenly realized there was a chance you wouldn’t see how tomorrow ends? May not see your child grow, may not get to make more memories with your loved ones & friends? This is where Heather was 6 years ago. THANKFULLY it all worked out VERY well and Heather is happy & healthy and very grateful with no reoccurring medical issues!

On the 1year anniversary of her surgery, Heather got together some close girlfriends and they had a resort day. (She loves pool time & frosty cocktails & being around friends so it was perfect!) It was there that she decided to make this an annual event and open it up to the public. She wanted to spread the love and message in what she experienced. So, she declared, “Love Your Life Day” and started planning a different fun event each year. The day is not about Heather. It’s about the message of taking the time to LOVE YOUR LIFE wherever you are in your journey and relates to everyone. Heather says, “we never know what is going to happen next in life and it’s so easy to get caught up in what we are doing and how we are going to accomplish things and what we need to do next and we can easily loose sight of our why. WHY are we doing the things we do? Usually, it comes down to wanting to feel an emotion of happiness, accomplishment, being able to provide for ourselves and our families, success. Love Your Life Day is a day you get to mark on your calendar and FOCUS on THOSE feelings. It’s about celebrating & enjoying where you are in your journey, with people who are equally grateful and most importantly, it’s time to just simply, HAVE FUN!”

This year, LOVE YOUR LIFE DAY (which has turned into a weekend) is kicked off with an elegant & fun cocktail party at the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Ridge Twenty6 Lounge. On Friday Aug. 28th, Men & Women are invited to join in the festivities from 6-8pm for specialty cocktails, live music and mingling. Tickets are only $20 and include your evening of fun and a chance at great giveaways. Food & drink is on your own and at your own pace. Attire is dress to impress, little black dress for the ladies, guys impress us too. Jeans are fine but dress them up a bit and be your dapper self! Tickets are available online at www.FoxfireEventsRock.com

The JW Marriott Desert Ridge is offering a fantastic room rate for the weekend as well for those that choose to make a STAYCATION out of it. The rate is only $99 per night for Friday and/or Saturday. This includes comp internet service in room & waived resort fee. The cut off date to book your room is August 7th so BOOK NOW! Cancellation policy is 3 days prior to arrival. You may book your room online at https://resweb.passkey.com/go/FoxfireEvents OR by calling the Reservations Center: 1-800-835-6206.

Sat. Aug 29th – All resort guests are invited to join the LOVE YOUR LIFE group poolside for a day of fun in the sun! More details on timeline to follow. There are LOTS of fun things to do at or around Desert Ridge, more details will be coming soon on options of activities!

The great thing about this weekend is YOU choose if you wish to participate in activities or how you want the spend your time. Feel free to book the resort and spend the time away from the group & with your family or on your own! LOVE YOUR LIFE DAY is about YOU and enjoying life the way YOU like, wherever you are and however that looks to you! We hope you will embrace the day, mark your calendar and join us for the fun! BIG HUGS & lots of Love! Heather 🙂