Fox Den AZ has launched! Women are RAVING about this new program!

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Fox Den AZ has launched! Women are RAVING about this new program!

Fox Den AZ, the newest concept brought forward by Foxfire Events, launched on Monday Sept 24th through a fabulous cocktail party in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a high energy event held at a gorgeous location, Glam Squad Couture! The women who attended enthusiastically connected and embraced the new program revealed that evening. Foxfire Events Founder, Heather Rausch says, “I’m thrilled that this program has been so well received! We are attracting dynamic women who really desire deeper social connection! The women in Fox Den AZ become great friends as well as the biggest business cheerleaders for each other. It’s a beautiful thing to see women connecting and uplifting one another. In paying attention to what was happening around me, I noticed that many women were keeping themselves incredibly busy, yet still feeling lonely or unfulfilled. With all these amazing women around me, I realized there is no need for that! All we have to do is unite and create some fun opportunities to engage, which inspires us to be happier, healthier versions of ourselves – so I created Fox Den AZ! It’s great for women who are new to town, those who’ve been career focused and have let social relationships slip or have lost contact with friends, or those who already have great friends but have room for more, really it’s great for ALL women! With the social calendar, engaging opportunities and the business support rolled in too, it’s something I’m really proud of and excited to be a part of!”.

Fox Den AZ is open to all women. There is an annual membership fee of $99 for the year. More details about the program can be found at www.FoxfireEventsRock.com/foxdenaz