Fall Girlfriend’s Event 2019!

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Fall Girlfriend’s Event 2019!

  • Date: 26 - Oct - 2019
  • Time: 9:00
  • Location: McDowell Mountain Golf Club - 10690 E Sheena Dr, Scottsdale, 85255
  • Venue: Fall Girlfriend's Event 2019!

Fall Girlfriend’s Event 2019!


GET TICKETS HERE!!!! Regular price: $225, NOW $99

($69 for Fox Den AZ members!)

# of Tickets (please make appropriate selection):


Saturday October 26th 9am – 1pm 

McDowell Mountain Golf Club

10690 E Sheena Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255



Heather Rausch

Founder, Foxfire Events + F.O.X.Y. Women & Wine + Fox Den AZ

Hi Ladies! Fall is my most favorite time of year! The weather becomes absolutely beautiful in Phoenix and it sets the stage for all my favorite holidays. For me, the holidays are the perfect time to gather, celebrate, reflect, create and honor traditions, experiences & memories. This event is the perfect time to bring together our Fox Den AZ family and our community to do all of those things!

The event is open to Fox Den AZ members & non-members – ALL WOMEN ARE INVITED TO JOIN IN THE FUN!!!

Fox Den AZ is a program that was started last year and is growing! It’s become the place that women find connection, support, interaction and reflection. We provide the opportunity for women to relate because, let’s face it… at one point or another, we have ALL felt like we were going a little bit (or a lot) crazy!!! Having this supportive tribe of women reminds us that we are not alone in that, we all experience similar things, they just may be packaged a bit differently. We do these “launch” events in the fall and the spring and they are super fascinating & energizing! I hope YOU will allow yourself the time to join us at this event! They are open to all Fox Den AZ members AND we invite non-members too as this is a GREAT way to get a sneak peek into this Fox Den AZ group – there is something so unique about the vibe of this tribe, you have to experience it for yourself!!!

The format for this event is below but in a nutshell, we take dynamic women (our speakers) who are achieving crazy good things and ask them to share their journey. They share whatever parts they want, it’s unscripted and raw. When women openly share (in an environment that’s safe to do so) we’re able to consider a different perspective, shift and grow. And it’s not just our speakers who share. Because we attract the most incredible and very powerful women, we all have LOTS of valuable experiences and insights so we also take time for round table discussions. We get to have meaningful conversations, we inspire and are inspired. True connection doesn’t come easily in this chaotic world but here, it’s natural and I LOVE it! I’m confident that what our speakers share and what you learn about yourself will not only surprise you, but inspire you! Add in a great lunch, coffee, yoga, meditation and shopping, in a gorgeous setting, and you have a spectacular morning that’s sure to energize your whole self!

I hope YOU will join us! 



Regular price: $225, NOW $99

($69 for Fox Den AZ members!)

# of Tickets (please make appropriate selection):

Tickets are non-refundable and can not be applied toward any other events however if you are unexpectedly unable to make the event, you are welcome to gift your ticket to a friend. In this case, please email the name change to Heather@FoxfireEventsRock.com



8:30am Check In & Shopping Opens

9:00am – 9:30am Enjoy a 30 minute yoga stretch session on the lawn of the beautiful McDowell Mountain Golf Club or shop our unique vendors

9:30 – 9:40am Meditation & Intention Setting Session (on the lawn)

9:40am  We move into the meeting room for the Main Event! Speaker conversation, energizer activities, reflection, round table discussions, shopping time & more!

12:00pm – 12:45pm Enjoy lunch and get to know fellow attendees

12:45pm Event Wrap Up, Door Prizes, Final Reflection

1:00pm Close of Event – Shopping & Connecting for up to 30 more minutes as you wish!



Veronica Clark

Our speaker interaction, a conversation with Veronica Clark, Women’s Empowerment and Intimacy Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutrition Coach and founder of Sol Revolution

Veronica will share approximately 20 minutes of her personal journey – it’s an inspiring one! I have to say, when we met, I felt and instant connection. Veronica is an amazing woman with incredible experiences to share and you can tell that when she does, she is incredibly heartfelt and genuine. After she shares her journey, she will leave you with 1 question to personally ponder. We’ll take 5 minutes for self reflection so you can see how that question applies in your life – we’re betting you’ll have a LOT to journal. THEN, we will have round table discussions at each table for 20 minutes on the topic. During these, feel free to share as much or as little personally with your table mates as you like – no pressure to share your deepest darkest secrets! There will be PLENTY to discuss either way. However if you DO dive deep, we promise not to judge and know you’ll feel beautifully supported.

These interactions lead to POWERFUL discussions that will bring perspective, shifts, inspiration and ah-ha’s. Our guests say time and again that they feel so much “lighter” and connected after these discussions.


Bring your fabulous smile and we recommend a notepad and pen + a few business cards for those great new connections you make!

Dress comfortably! We’ll be starting with that yoga stretch session so yoga pants or athletic wear or just your most comfy clothes work! We’ll be casual this day for sure. AND, we always suggest wearing layers as it is difficult to get a room at a temp that is comfortable for everyone – so throw in a sweater or sweatshirt for good measure!

Can’t wait to see YOU there!

Please share the event with all your favorite girlfriends & get your tickets TODAY for the BEST deal!

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