F.O.X.Y. Experience: Fearlessly YOU

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F.O.X.Y. Experience: Fearlessly YOU

  • Date: 20 - Oct - 2018
  • Time: 8:00
  • Location: Pinspiration - Phoenix, AZ
  • Venue: F.O.X.Y. Experience: Fearlessly YOU

Our F.O.X.Y. EXPERIENCES are interactive 1/2 day events designed to stimulate conversation, inspire deeper connections and support & unite women!

If you were to take a Girl’s Day Out, combine it with an inspiring business conference + a motivational roundtable AND add in fun activities and times for laughter & inspiring each other, you would get The F.O.X.Y. Experience! It’s unique, fun & well worth your time!!!

Expect to meet phenomenal women, gain & share knowledge & experiences and inspire others while being inspired + enjoy fun conversations on pop culture! This time we’re talkin’ about one of our latest fav’s – the movie The Greatest Showman & how it relates to our topic of being Fearlessly YOU!

More about our TOPIC: Fearlessly YOU! 

When you think of “being fearless”, do you think of things like; Jumping out of an airplane? Bungee jumping? Walking through fire? Those certainly are physical or external things that people often associate with being fearless. At this event, we’re focused on internal fearlessness. After all, shifting our internal view of fear allows us to be more externally fearless too, wouldn’t you agree?!

So what about things like fearlessly;

EMBRACING who we are


OWNING our value

recognizing our STRENGTHS & skills

CELEBRATING our successes

ACTIVELY & unapologetically going after our goals

speaking UP & engaging AUTHENTICALLY

leading our industries & ROCKIN’ life!

We’ll discuss ways to Fear-less and/or ways to accomplish your goals despite fear, and you get to decide if fear is optional. Are there things you fear? Or have you already kicked fear to the curb? Either way, this experience is for YOU! You’ll hear from amazing women with unique outlooks and experiences on the topic and get a chance to share yours too, if you choose.



8:00am Registration, Coffee Mingle, Fun Icebreaker Activity inspiring easy conversations & connections  

We realize it’s early so we’ll provide the caffeine, amazing speakers, activities, projects and opportunities for interaction & relationship building + the fun & enthusiastic atmosphere – YOU bring your happiest self and your funnest girlfriends and it’ll be a GREAT morning! p.s. – Mimosas are available for purchase if that’ll twist your arm at all! 😉

Hear from & engage with:

Heather Rausch, Foxfire Founder on the F.O.X.Y. Philosophy!

**Featured Speaker** Reda Riddle-Bigler, Battalion Chief, Phoenix Fire Department on Being So Good They Can’t Ignore You! Hear her personal life story & experiences, how she got to where she is and what it’s like to lead in a male dominated industry. You will LOVE Reda! She is a fabulous speaker & a genuinely a cool woman!

Our Panel of Amazing Entrepreneurial Women – you’ll enjoy hearing their stories, experiences & outrageous moments! We’ll have plenty of time for guest interaction and these F.O.X.Y. ladies will also lead us into our discussions on the movie The Greatest Showman and HOW the principles they took from the movie apply to their own lives! (#ThisIsMe) – you’ll get that reference if you’ve seen the movie! 😉


Have fun creating a personalized DIY F.O.X.Y. momento! Experience energizing table discussions during the project (easy activity – no creative skill required – so no pressure!)


Set Some Fearless Goals with X-ceptional Support!


Connect with dynamic women to build strong business & social relationships!


BRING business cards to connect AND a note about your most favorite takeaway from the movie The Greatest Showman if you’ve seen it! If you haven’t, we highly recommend it! We thought it was AWESOME! Seeing it is not a requirement for attending this event. You will get plenty out of the event either way!!!



Tickets are $60 per person and seating is limited to 60 people. Tickets are ON SALE NOW & we encourage you to get them NOW here online before they sell out! This event is appropriate for all women as well as young ladies high school age and older!

# of Tickets:

**ALL tickets are non-refundable and can not be applied to any other events. If you are unable to make the event, you are welcome to gift your ticket to a friend. In this case, please email the name change to Heather@FoxfireEventsRock.com – Thank you!**

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